Turquoise is a fragile and porous material, and my turquoise pieces are backed with cork wood shavings, as are most high-quality turquoise pieces. This means that turquoise is not to be worn while showering or swimming. Pieces that incorporate leather are also not waterproof. Turquoise's color will change and darken over time as your natural oils from your skin absorb into the stone.  It is my opinion that this adds to the depth and beauty of the piece.

Dennis Hogan, the true master of silversmithing and patina, trained me in the art of the "perfect patina" and I put a lot of time and effort into the rich, darkened, aged silver look that each piece uniquely displays.  I am truly privileged to have this knowledge and permission to use this guarded process in my work. I have put my own spin on the oxidized silver look and design all my own pieces, but the patina is a crucial element of the beauty of this style of high-quality handmade silver jewelry. If you like more of a shiny, polished look, my pieces are not for you.

I encourage you to wear your works of art and let them naturally age with you. As you wear your jewelry, rub each piece with your fingers and your natural oils will give each piece added depth as it is worn and loved.  This is all the polishing that your silver will need. Please never use any polishing chemicals on your fine silver pieces and never put your piece in an ultrasonic cleaner or in jewelry cleaning solution.

I hope that you love your quality handmade jewelry for years to come!

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